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No GPS signal? No problem with the new Location Beacon!

There’s news at ANGEL React: the Location Beacon supplements the emergency call systems with an indoor positioning system that provides more precise location information.

  • How did the idea of developing a Location Beacon come up?

GPS reception is often poor or inaccurate indoors. This is exactly where the Location Beacon comes in to provide more precise location information. Imagine a colleague is working in the warehouse and climbs up a ladder to place something on a higher shelf. You are the emergency contact and receive a message, but you only get the GPS position of the warehouse. You have to search for a while to find the injured person in the huge warehouse. In cases like this, more precise location information is essential. That’s why the idea was born to develop a Location Beacon to provide more precise indoor location information.

  • What is a Location Beacon?

The Location Beacon is an indoor positioning system. An indoor positioning system provides additional location information and should be used primarily in areas with a weak or missing GPS signal. However, it is also a useful addition in general. The Location Beacon is the first IPS from ANGEL React and, with more precise data on the indoor location such as floor or room, ensures that help reaches the injured person more quickly.

  • What makes our Location Beacon so special?

The decisive difference lies in the range, we use Bluetooth® long range and can cover up to 1,000m2 with one Location Beacon. This means we can cover larger areas with just one device. The device is also a stand-alone solution that does not require an additional server – it works wherever there is a power supply. The system automatically connects to the Shirt or Clip user in the neighbourhood via Bluetooth® without the need for additional registration.

  • How does the  commissioning of the Location Beacon work?

Commissioning is very simple and can be summarised in two words: Plug and Play. Connect to the power supply, scan the QR code, set the relevant location information (building, floor, room, etc.) and GPS information and the Location Beacon is ready for use.

  • Which companies is the Location Beacon particularly suitable for?

The Location Beacon is the ideal solution for large industrial companies with remote facilities and areas with low GPS signal. Our employees measure the conditions on site and can then determine how many Location Beacons are required for the area.

  • When will the location beacon be launched?

The first ANGEL React IPS will be available from summer 2024. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more about the latest product news.

The healthier the employees, the better the company functions

We have taken World Health Day on 7 April as an opportunity to deal with the topics of occupational medicine and occupational safety. We asked the occupational physician Dr. Ortrud Gräf. The doctor is on the board of the AMD Salzburg, the Society for Occupational Medicine, Safety Technology and Occupational Psychology.

Break the Rules…innovate! And win!

Our company sticks to it’s principles and focuses on innovation. This brings us forward and also pays off. We were able to register over 20 patents for our developments and in autumn we received two important prizes.

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In June, ANGEL launches in an expanded version. In addition to No Motion, which detects motionlessness, it has also expanded its rescue chain. Among other things, it now allows multiple emergency contacts.