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Our promise is to make work safe. We are your partner company for workplace safety. We develop the most modern products for everyone carrying out lone work and wanting to have a guardian angel by their side. Thus, we can react quickly in case of an emergency. Besides, we developed testing equipment for electrical high- and medium-voltage installations. We take pride in refining our products yet further and accelerating the rate of innovation. We are never satisfied with the status quo; we constantly look for new solutions and improve our products.

Facts and Figures

Safe work is our promise. We are your partner company for occupational safety in the electrical sector. We develop state-of-the-art products for testing in electrical high-voltage and medium-voltage systems, as well as for the occupational safety of everyone who works with dangerous electrical voltages. Our intelligent safety systems therefore make live installation work safer. Our ambition is to improve our products even further as well as to push innovations. We are never satisfied with the status quo, we look for new solutions and thus constantly improve our products.

Teamwork for excellence. Our employees have different areas of expertise, but a common vision: to make daily work with electricity even safer. As part of the global OMICRON Group, we benefit from the advantages of a large company, but shape our area of responsibility independently with a start-up character. Our motto is “break the rules…innovate!” – we give creative ideas their space for realization, fiddle out new product components and put theoretical ideas into practice. Innovation and teamwork are our core competencies to successfully realize customer requirements.

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anyone working alone or mobile carrying out dangerous activities

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roof garden, coffee machine, red sofa and regulars’ table at the Muellner brewery tap

Our products

ANGEL React Shirt System

Our ANGEL React Shirt System automatically detects motionlessness, falls and electrical accidents. It gets help when you can’t anymore.

ANGEL React Clip System

Unser ANGEL React Clip System erkennt Regungslosigkeit und Stürze. Es holt Hilfe, wenn du es nicht mehr kannst.


The Watchdog reacts lightning fast to power accidents and
switches off the circuit.

Smart Textile

Smart Textiles as an area of innovation.

Das Messgerät Compano
Product development

At the innovation site in Salzburg, Adresys develops solutions for our parent company Omicron electrics GmbH.

Exhibitions, Events and Careers

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Exhibitions and Events

Our current trade fair dates and events at a glance:
October 24th-27th: A+A, Düsseldorf D
November 21st: Maintenance Conference, Linz AT

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You are important to us. This means that you will be able to structure your working environment to suit your own requirements – whether it be a laboratory, a height-adjustable workstation, the best infrastructure, or break areas for exchanging ideas with colleagues.