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Our promise is to make work safe. We are your partner company for workplace safety. We develop the most modern products for everyone carrying out dangerous lone work and wanting to have a guardian angel by their side. Thus, we can react quickly in case of an emergency. Besides, we developed testing equipment for electrical high- and medium-voltage installations. We take pride in refining our products yet further and accelerating the rate of innovation. We are never satisfied with the status quo; we constantly look for new solutions and improve our products.

Our products


Our ANGEL systems detect emergencies automatically and activate your individual rescue chain immediately.

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With the PATCH project we are going one step further and are researching how to manufacture sensors, actuators, conductors, and other components on an industrial scale.

Exhibitions, Events and Careers

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Exhibitions and Events

Here is an overview of our current exhibition dates and events!

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You are important to us. This means that you will be able to structure your working environment to suit your own requirements – whether it be a laboratory, a height-adjustable workstation, the best infrastructure, or break areas for exchanging ideas with colleagues.