ANGEL – Smart Electrical Safety Assistant

Our ANGEL system is still currently in development. We are conducting several field tests to ensure that the system works reliably and are therefore working closely with potential customers. This process allows us to identify any possible changes in the functionalities or the scope of the system.

If you are interested in taking part in our field tests or have any further questions regarding ANGEL, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Providing immediate help in emergencies

    In the event of falls, loss of consciousness, and electric shocks, the ANGEL system can reliably detect medical emergencies and make an emergency call to ensure that help arrives quickly. The last known GPS location and accident data are passed onto emergency personnel. They could be in-house first-aiders or an external emergency call center.

  • Saving lives by switching off electrical sources

    In the event of an electric shock, every millisecond counts to avoid permanent or life-threatening injuries. The ANGEL Watchdog can be installed to increase safety in a wide variety of situations, in which it disconnects the electric circuit within milliseconds in the event of an electric shock. The quicker the current flow is disconnected, the less severe the injuries and the lower the risk of ventricular fibrillation or blood poisoning.

  • The perfect companion for carrying out dangerous work alone

    Even when working alone is permitted, it’s probably a good idea for someone else to be there. The ANGEL system identifies emergencies and calls for help. In the event of an incident, ANGEL ensures that help is provided and therefore increases the safety of those who work alone.

  • Increasing occupational safety awareness through statistics

    Every emergency is detected. You receive regular reports and evaluations from your team, enabling you to analyze and rectify the causes of small accidents to avoid serious ones. This process ensures that your employees become more aware of their safety in their everyday working environment – reducing possible downtimes and your company’s liability risk. You learn what is “normal” in your sector and what is not. You can learn from others, and others can learn from you.

Intelligence through
perfect synergy

The fab four offer many advantages
The four components include a clever Genius together with a smart textile shirt, an intuitive app on your cell phone, and a quick-response ANGEL Watchdog that disconnects sources of electrical power.

Central control unit – the Genius

The Genius is the brains of the system. It clicks into the cradle (the holder) on the shirt and communicates with the user using optical and acoustic signals. The Genius detects the voltage drop on the body, monitors the movements of the user, triggers disconnect commands, and notifies the emergency call center using the smartphone app (see below left).

  • Powerful processor for detecting emergencies
  • Battery life of 2 days
  • Light and compact
  • Blends in perfectly with the shirt
  • Powerful magnets provide a secure grip on the upper arm
A suitable holder – the cradle

The cradle is a sleek holder for the Genius. Its curved shape allows it to fit perfectly around the upper arm. You can barely even notice the electronics protecting you.

Conductive materials and electrodes

The conductive textile cable connects the sensors on the upper arms to the Genius. The voltage between the upper arms is measured using silicon electrodes, from which the current level is deduced. The silicone electrodes detect a voltage drop. Elastane in the cuffs provides close skin contact. A perfect fit is essential because only then the ANGEL system can provide reliable protection.

Individual branding

Uniform appearance is guaranteed: the shirt is available with your company-specific branding.

Extremely comfortable

The smart textile shirt is made of cotton, kind to the skin, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear thanks to its generous cut. Attractive stitching gives the shirt a sporty look.

Smartphone App

Your smartphone is connected to the Genius via Bluetooth and displays live data. If necessary, it can make an emergency call.

Always on guard – the ANGEL Watchdog

The ANGEL Watchdog is activated wirelessly by the Genius and, when necessary, sends the command to electrical sources to disconnect the current flow – drastically reducing the consequences of an electric shock.

Facts regarding electrical accidents

What happens when current flows through the body? Why are electrical accidents so dangerous if they are not treated medically?

Source: Quarks, Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne 2020

Several thousand companies incorporate the Austrian electrical industry – this corresponds to approximately 50,000 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 18 billion.

Source: Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Electricial and Electronical Industry Report 2018

In 2018, 254 electrical accidents happened, of which two were fatal. The most common causes of accidents were defects in the electrical system and carelessness. About a third of the casualties were electrically qualified persons.

Source: Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs of the Republic of Austria, Electrical Accident Report 2018

The average cost of an electrical accident is around 45,000 EUR. The casualties are off work for at least 10 days on average.

Source: Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board

524 electrical accidents happened in Switzerland in 2018, 98% of which were in low voltage applications. Safety rules were disregarded in half of the accidents.

Source: Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations ESTI, Annual Report 2018 Electric Accidents

In addition to the monetary consequences of being unable to work, work processes have to be reorganized, accident analyzes need to be drawn up, retraining courses carried out, and colleagues looked after.

68% of all workers would use smart wearables for their daily work if they can take advantage of their work safety and if personal data is protected. These solutions are, therefore, an essential component for industry 4.0.

Source: AT Kearney & WearHealth, Why wearables are an important piece of the puzzle for Industry 4.0, 2019

Questions & Answers

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100 is the world’s first battery-operated test set for primary and secondary testing in the power industry.

Our motivation. Protection relays are used to ensure electrical safety in power stations and transformer stations in the same way that fuses and RCDs protect the home. It is essential for our electrical energy grids that they are working correctly. In the event of a fault, they protect the lives of employees and can prevent failures in assets such as generators or transformers, or even their destruction. Damage of this kind often costs several million euros and can result in very long downtimes.

Salzburg – a hub of innovation. Our parent group OMICRON electronics GmbH, based in Klaus (Austria), is the world market leader in developing and producing test sets for protection relays and other electrical power supply equipment. Twenty-four branches around the world support customers in more than 160 countries.

As a subsidiary, we are an innovation hub, and we have developed the COMPANO 100, which is the world’s first battery-operated test set for primary and secondary testing in the power industry. The device can generate test currents of up to 110 A with variable frequencies and signal waveforms. Nowadays, a lot of power electronics are used in conjunction with FPGAs, signal processors, and an embedded Linux system to do this. Countless processors from the 8-bit microcontroller up to the 32-bit ARM CPUs and the 64-bit VLIW DSPs perform the same task in the COMPANO 100. Of course, this, therefore, requires all kinds of software developers, as well as the hardware developers, from a high-level GUI programmer to Linux kernel developers and embedded system specialists to test automation in Python. As a result, we use state-of-the-art project management methods such as SCRUM or Continuous Integration and Testing. Since we are a multidisciplinary team, we work closely with our colleagues at the headquarter in Klaus, who is responsible for the production and calibration of the device.

Customer proximity is essential for developing a good product. That is why both sales colleagues and developers traveled to four continents as part of several dozen COMPANO field tests. Every team member had the opportunity to really get to know the applications and to speak directly to our customers about their work. Even though we are already very familiar with the applications, we always return having gained new experiences and valuable insights, which we are then able to incorporate into further product developments.

COMPANO 100 – a success story. Since the market launch in 2017, we have proved our innovative spirit to customers from all around the world. We are therefore very proud to be able to help ensure the reliability of energy supply networks worldwide – from hydroelectric power plants in the Himalayas and a mine in Australia to a chemical park in Germany to a subway in south-east Asia, as well as a nuclear power plant in the USA and a coal power station in Africa.


We are innovative and digital.


Innovation and digitalization are a part of Salzburg just like Mozart and The Sound of Music: with our ANGEL system, we can reliably detect electrical accidents of all voltage levels and take immediate measures such as making an emergency call. The entire innovation process is thereby brought to life at our facility. A television crew from ORF Salzburg spent a day documenting our work and turned it into a short program.

We are on site.

Would you like to experience ANGEL live and get to know us?

Our trade fair overview:
10th-12th November 2020: ArbeitsSicherheit Switzerland Digital
18th-21st May 2021: Safety & Health Expo, London, booth no. SH2055
15th-17th June 2021: Power Days 2020, Zurich
13th-16th October 2021: International Lineman’s Rodeo, Kansas, booth no. 233

We are awarded.

We demonstrated once again our employer qualities in a benchmarking with other Austrian companies – and with 93% overall employee satisfaction, we received the Great Place to Work® for Small Businesses award. A significant confirmation for our daily work & a big thanks to you to our employees!

We are in dialogue.

The ITG Innovationservice für Salzburg (innovation service for Salzburg) interviewed us about innovation, digitalization, and our location in Salzburg.

We are innovative.

The trend magazine and the OEGVS (Austrian Society for Consumer Studies) have awarded us a special award in the category “clothing” for our numerous patents for the ANGEL project. Our innovative power is our strength – that’s why our motto is “break the rules … innovate!”.

About us

Safety at work is our promise to you. We develop the most modern products for testing in electrical high- and medium-voltage installations as well as for the workplace safety of all those working with hazardous electrical voltages. For this reason, installation work on live systems is made safer by our intelligent protection systems. We aim to improve our products even further and to push innovations. We hold numerous patents for our products and technology. That’s why we have received the innovation award of the OEGVS in 2020. The partnerships with leading universities and institutes emphasize the innovative spirit of our company.

Building excellence through teamwork. Our 18 employees are experts in different fields, but they all share a common goal: to make working with electricity even safer. As part of the worldwide OMICRON Group, we exploit the advantages that come along with being part of a large company. Still, we can shape our area of responsibility with the independent character of a start-up. Our motto is “break the rules…innovate!” – we give creative ideas the freedom to come to life, develop new product components, and put our theories to the test. Innovation and teamwork are our core competencies to realize customer requirements successfully.

Our employees’ wellbeing is important to us. That is why we design our working environment to fit in with our requirements, including laboratories, modern workspaces, the best infrastructure, and break areas for exchanging ideas with colleagues. We offer many benefits to our employees, such as flexible working hours to suit their lifestyle, vouchers for communal lunches, a flat for up to 2 years if necessary, and also the private use of our business equipment. Of course, coffee, fruit, ice cream, and other snacks are free, and there’s plenty to go around. Opportunities for ongoing personal and professional development and visits to workshops and conferences are also on us. That’s why in 2020, we received the “Great Place to Work® for Small Businesses Award” in Austria again. Yet we’re not resting on our laurels – we are sure that there is even more we can do to improve our everyday working environment.


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To get to know us and your future tasks better, we will simulate a typical working day with you after the first interview. As part of a trial working day, we give you tasks that we are currently working on in our projects. You can discuss your ideas with the team and learn for yourself how projects and cooperation work here at ADRESYS.

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