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Big Update: ANGEL React 2.1 offers many brand new features

Oh, là, là! ANGEL React 2.1 is here! Discover the many innovative functions now and update occupational safety in your company!

At ANGEL React, we have a mission that drives us with passion and enthusiasm. We have big plans! Together, we have set ourselves the goal of revolutionising the world of occupational safety. ANGEL React 2.1 offers a whole range of brand-new functions that are tailored to the needs of our users and provide them with optimum support. To save valuable time in an emergency and get help exactly where it is needed as quickly as possible!

Find out more about the exciting new features that make ANGEL React products indispensable companions for lone workers.

Precise indoor positioning even without a GPS signal

The innovative Location Beacon opens up completely new possibilities. Even without a GPS signal, the first indoor positioning system from ANGEL React provides precise location information. This is displayed in the app under “Location” so that emergency contacts know immediately where the person involved in the accident is located. In an emergency, every second can count and this precise localisation saves valuable time.

Improved communication for rapid assistance

In emergency situations, efficient communication is crucial. With the new chat function, emergency contacts can quickly and easily exchange information and coordinate assistance measures. This direct communication option ensures that everyone involved is always informed and can respond immediately.

Mix and match

The Shirt Genius can now be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your everyday working life. Depending on the work situation, you can also wear the Shirt Genius on your trousers or belt. The Genius recognises falls and immobility. If you are working with electricity, wearing it on your shirt ensures that electrical accidents are detected. Watch the video to see how the Shirt Genius can be flexibly adapted to different activities.

Faster detection of the pre-alarm thanks to smartphone vibration

Another highlight of the update is the smartphone vibration detection in the event of a pre-alarm. Especially in noisy environments, where acoustic signals are often overheard, the vibration of the smartphone ensures that the pre-alarm is quickly recognised by the user.

Share and Care

You don’t use the Genius every day? No problem! You can now share the Genius with up to seven colleagues. This feature makes it possible to significantly improve work safety in your company by allowing more people to benefit from this smart companion. Watch the video to see how you and your colleagues can ensure greater work safety.

The Genius gives you the green light

To make it even more user-friendly, the Genius now shows a green light when it is fully charged and flashes when it is charging. This visual indicator gives you information about the charge status at a glance. This means you can tell whether the Genius is ready for use at a single glance.

With these brand new features, ANGEL React revolutionises the safety of lone workers. The combination of precise localisation, efficient communication, improved usability and easy sharing takes safety in your organisation to a new level!

Bild einer Person an einem textilen Arbeitsplatz

Interview with Texible

ANGEL is our venture to produce innovative and intelligent textile systems. Interdisciplinary cooperation with our partners is of utmost importance. Hence, we would love to introduce Thomas Fröis and his team from Texible GmbH.

No GPS signal? No problem with the new Location Beacon!

There’s news at ANGEL React: the Location Beacon supplements the emergency call systems with an indoor positioning system that provides more precise location information.

Big Update: ANGEL React 2.1 offers many brand new features

Oh, là, là! ANGEL React 2.1 is here! Discover the many innovative functions now and update occupational safety in your company!