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Our components

An overview

Connectionplate: „Docking Station“
for electronic Data processing unit

To create a reliable connection between the data processing unit and the textile, precise positioning of the rivets in the textile is essential. This is where our so-called connection plate comes into play: a prefabricated assembly that is used as a kind of “docking station” – perfect for mass production. In the sewing factory, it is simply patched or sewn onto the textile. The connection plate consists of a robust fabric into which the barbed rivets and other electrically conductive components are inserted. We would be happy to produce a customized connection plate according to your requirements. Just send us an e-mail.

Barbed rivet

With the help of barbed rivets, a data processing unit can be magnetically – and therefore electrically – connected to a Smart Textile System with a “click”. The magnets are always located in the data processing unit, while the barbed rivets are integrated into the textile. This creates a magnetic connection that is as stable as a connection using conventional snap fasteners. However, our magnetic solution has the advantage over snap fasteners that it is gentler on textiles and ensures improved usability.

The washer is the counterpart to the barbed rivet. A crimping tool specially developed by us bends the barbs around the washer and creates a crimp contact. The washer is available in two versions – stainless steel and copper alloy.