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ANGEL React will soon be multilingual

If there’s one thing we don’t know at ANGEL React, it’s standing still. What drives us is the safety of lone workers. Every day, we work to make working alone safer, develop our products further and now offer them in many other European countries as part of the Babel project.

New target groups – new languages
Our ANGEL React products will soon no longer be bilingual, but multilingual. What was previously “only” available in English and German will soon be available in 8 more languages. Two will become 10 languages. This is made possible by the Babel project. With Babel, we want to offer our products in more countries and that means translating all materials, software and hardware into the respective national language. The new languages in which ANGEL React will be available include Spanish, French, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian. In emergency situations in particular, it is of the utmost importance that everything runs as quickly as possible and that there are no difficulties in understanding each other. Of course, everything also has to work technically and this was also tested extensively. The overriding goal is for the emergency call chain to function seamlessly, even in the new countries.

The first trade fair in Spain
There’s a first time for everything. For ANGEL React, it was “Vamos, off to Madrid!” at the end of last month. We were at Sicur, Spain’s leading safety trade fair, for the first time. There we were able to present our innovative safety companions for lone workers. We are also particularly pleased to already have a Spanish sales partner on board. Grupo Arcaelum is based in the beautiful region of Murcia in the south of Spain and their main goal is to create a safer, healthier and more productive working environment. So we have a lot in common. To see how our sales expert Fernando presents our ANGEL React systems at Sicur, click here. 

Close to the customer with new features
Responding to the needs of our customers is a high priority for us. That’s why we are in constant communication and always welcome detailed, constructive feedback. This is the only way we can learn and further develop our security solutions. Users of our products have provided us with ideas for new functions. We were able to implement some of these as part of the Babel project. For example, from release 2.1, the Shirt Genius can also be worn on a clip. This allows users to work with the Shirt System with electricity one day and use the clip the next day for maintenance work. The Location Beacon offers an extension to our product portfolio that will be of particular importance to large industrial companies. The additional function includes sending the exact indoor location, even in areas with a low GPS signal such as basements.

Upcoming events
To communicate these innovations to the outside world, we will be attending numerous trade fairs in many European countries this year. In line with the new languages, we will soon be in Norway, Great Britain, Italy and France after Spain. We look forward to presenting our smart emergency call systems in these countries too. You can find all the dates at a glance here.

Our brand metamorphosis: ANGEL becomes ANGEL React

🦸🏾 The transformation is complete. ANGEL is now called ANGEL React and shines with a new design. And soon with new accident features. Want to learn more about our brand metamorphosis? Then check out our blog!

Break the Rules…innovate! And win!

Our company sticks to it’s principles and focuses on innovation. This brings us forward and also pays off. We were able to register over 20 patents for our developments and in autumn we received two important prizes.

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