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Smart Textile Solutions:
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Smart Textiles as an area of innovation. For our Smart Textile Solutions, we work at the interface between textiles and electronics and immerse ourselves in the world of intelligent textile systems. We are researching how sensors, actuators, conductors and other components can be manufactured for series production. We are also developing suitable contacting methods to connect the various components of an intelligent textile system in a stable and reliable way. Washing stability, durability and functionality paired with affordable production costs – we have taken on this challenge and implemented it in our ANGEL React Shirt System, for example.

Networking as the path to success. Over the years, we have acquired knowledge on the subject of smart textiles. We have often broken new ground and were happy when we were able to network with other pioneers. In cooperation with numerous project partners, we have developed solutions that also work very well for us in mass production. We now want to share this experience with others – because we are convinced that smart textiles will have a positive impact on all of our lives in the future.

We are happy to advise you: a lot of work, time, research and passion has gone into the development of our Smart Textile Solutions, as well as experience. We now know what is important if you want to go into mass production with smart textiles. We know all about process development, washing stability and quality assurance. We also have expertise in prototyping and will be happy to advise you. Simply contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Our Smart Textile Solutions Box helps you develop: Are you looking for an innovative solution to connect a detachable data processing unit to a textile? You will find specially developed components in our Smart Textile Solutions Box. These include our barbed rivet, for example, which you can read more about in the section “Components”. In short, it can be used to create a reliable electronic connection magnetically. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us.

Smart Textile Solutions

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