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Don’t buy a pig in a poke. We want to convince you of our products. Try the ANGEL React Shirt or Clip System for 6 weeks! And if in the end our product passes the everyday test, the test fee will be credited to you from the purchase price. Don’t miss this chance and get to know our systems.

ANGEL React Shirt System

This smart workwear is not only trendy, but also helps you stay safe at work. How does it work? It has built-in electrodes that can detect electrical accidents and call for help immediately. It’s like having your own personal safety officer with you! And the best part? You won’t even know you’re wearing it because it’s so comfortable!

Picture of a person at a control cabinet

ANGEL React Clip System

Want something you can count on during your shift? Look no further! Our ANGEL React Clip System is the reliable superhero you need. It’s easy to use and has a compact design that fits seamlessly into your workday. Besides, it doesn’t restrict you in any of your activities.

The systems in comparison


FeaturesANGEL React Shirt SystemANGEL React Clip System
Electrical accidentyesno
Working alonesuitablesuitable
Shift workersyesyes


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