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Big Update: ANGEL React 2.1 offers many brand new features

Oh, là, là! ANGEL React 2.1 is here! Discover the many innovative functions now and update occupational safety in your company!

No GPS signal? No problem with the new Location Beacon!

There’s news at ANGEL React: the Location Beacon supplements the emergency call systems with an indoor positioning system that provides more precise location information.

ANGEL React will soon be multilingual

At ADRESYS, you hear one term over and over again. Babel – the first thing that comes to mind is a well-known language learning app. And you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it’s about an app and also about languages. But you can find out what we at ADRESYS actually mean by Babel and what goals we want to achieve with the project in our new blog post.

Ready for an emergency: A guide to emergency call systems and first aiders

Winter has arrived and brings with it an increased risk of accidents. Whether it’s icy roads or poorly lit paths, the cold season requires even more safety measures. In the following blog post, you can find out how to get your company safely through the winter months.

Our brand metamorphosis: ANGEL becomes ANGEL React

🦸🏾 The transformation is complete. ANGEL is now called ANGEL React and shines with a new design. And soon with new accident features. Want to learn more about our brand metamorphosis? Then check out our blog!

The healthier the employees, the better the company functions

We have taken World Health Day on 7 April as an opportunity to deal with the topics of occupational medicine and occupational safety. We asked the occupational physician Dr. Ortrud Gräf. The doctor is on the board of the AMD Salzburg, the Society for Occupational Medicine, Safety Technology and Occupational Psychology.

Accident at work during the shift

Find out why health and safety equipment play an important role in shift work. We show you how you can easily avoid accidents at work.

ANGEL React: Occupational safety through rapid assistance

More than 100,000 occupational accidents occur every year in Austria, and more than eight times as many in Germany. Most of them are comparatively harmless, but a considerable number threaten health and life. This is often because an accident is discovered too late and help is provided too late. To prevent this from happening again, we have developed ANGEL.

ANGEL App 1.1: No Motion and Co bring a breath of fresh air

In June, ANGEL launches in an expanded version. In addition to No Motion, which detects motionlessness, it has also expanded its rescue chain. Among other things, it now allows multiple emergency contacts.

Getting home safely at night. That’s what it’s about.

Johann Beck from Beck-Elektro in Vorarlberg is an enthusiast when it comes to ANGEL. In an interview, he explains why he chose the shirt system and what benefit it brings to his everyday work.