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Our processes


Electronic conductors are required to connect sensors or actuators in the Smart Textile System. We use a conductor that is integrated into a tape for this purpose. In this way, the conductor can be individually applied to a prefabricated part using a continuous hot-air machine. This process is also well known in the mass production of clothing, e.g. for seam sealing, and can be easily integrated into a production line.

NCA Bonding

A stable contact between the various components in the Smart Textile System is essential for functionality. We have developed various processes for our systems that can be used to create contact points using NCA bonding (= non-conductive adhesive bonding). Hot-melt adhesive films are used to insulate smart components. In this process, they are melted selectively and the components are connected to each other in this way. This can be done thermally (with our specially developed stamping press) or by ultrasonic welding. As heat presses are also used in the mass production of clothing for applying logos or patching components, this process is not unknown in the textile industry and can be very easily integrated into a production line.

Smart Textile Tester:

Automated function check in the production facility

We developed the Smart Textile Tester for our ANGEL React Shirt System to check the functionality of the product automatically and reproducibly at the production site. The tester checks whether the electrical conductivity between the contact points is present to ensure proper function.

The Smart Textile Tester can of course also be used for other smart textiles. It is easy to use and offers a simple way to rework or sort out faulty goods directly on site. All measured data can be saved and precisely assigned to each product using unique serial numbers.