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Break the Rules…innovate! And win!

ADRESYS stands for safety at work and innovation. Our company and our products work well because we always try something new. And that pays off.

At ADRESYS we like to see new ideas, we take new paths as a challenge. “Break the rules… innovate!” is our motto for a reason.

We use our human and financial resources for research and development in the hardware, software and textile laboratories. We start all over again, if we haven’t found the best solution yet. We give ideas and developments the necessary time to mature, and we conduct field tests to further improve our products.

Two ADRESYS employees in the electrical laboratory


ANGEL stands for competence

With ANGEL, we have created a shirt that detects an electrical accident or fall and calls for help via smartphone app.

The big challenge in our development was the wide range of the project: To get our ANGEL system up and running, we had to work in parallel in the areas of smart textiles, electronics, apps, and web technology.

So, we expanded our competence in the field of smart textiles and, together with nanoleq AG, developed special electrodes and electrical conductors. As a next step, we needed a way to process these conductors in our smart textile shirt. We then designed an algorithm that responds to the usual network frequency of 50/60 heart signals and DC voltage, developed the idea for our app and expanded the ERP system at our location for user management. We also wanted to offer our web services in the cloud with high availability in mind.

ANGEL stands for innovation

After the development, the production brought a new challenge: In electronics production we could fall back on expertise, but in shirt production we had to find our own way of automation. Our ambition was to prepare the individual components in a way that they can be applied easily during the manufacture of the shirt. We had to think about how to insulate the electrical conductors in such a way that their functionality is not impaired by detergents and sweat. We developed a shirt tester that guarantees that every ANGEL shirt fully fulfills all of its functions. Now, our ANGEL shirt comes with a test certificate. With such a certificate, we take on a leading role in the smart textile sector.

In the end, we have registered over 20 patents for our product. And our innovative strength not only pays off, it is also award-winning.

Salzburg business award: WE got a WIKARUS

WIKARUS award for „Innovation“


Every year in November the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce awards the WIKARUS, the Salzburg Business Prize, “for outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative achievements“. The jury decides whether they rate a project as innovative, and also whether they trust it to have a lasting impact.

ANGEL was able to convince the jury! We are very proud that, as a relatively small company, we took 2nd place in the “Innovation“ category. Project manager Michael sees the award as a “great honor for the fact that we have the courage to leave the beaten track and to break new ground.“

Tirolissimo: The Tyrolean Business Prize

The Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce awards it’s “Tirolissimo” every two years. In October, the Tirolissimo in the category “Applications” went to the digital design agency florianmatthias GmbH, which developed the app for our ANGEL system.

Florian Gapp and Matthias Triendl, the two founders of the agency, managed to reduce our complex ANGEL idea to the essentials and turn it into a functional, almost intuitive app. “How much complexity can you fit into a few square centimeters of smartphone?“, Florian summarizes the challenge and explains that the development was primarily about usability and functionality. “The good appearance is then, so to speak, the foam on the cappuccino.“ How well the agency has succeeded in reducing the App to the essentials without harming the “foam of the cappuccino“ is shown by getting the Tirolissimo.


We congratulate florianmatthias very warmly and are not only happy for them, but also for us. Because we can only be as good and innovative as the companies we work with.

“We are an extraordinary and great team,“ explains ANGEL product manager Ulrich. And he is proud that the team performance is now officially recognized “from outside“ through these awards.

ANGEL App 1.1: No Motion and Co bring a breath of fresh air

In June, ANGEL launches in an expanded version. In addition to No Motion, which detects motionlessness, it has also expanded its rescue chain. Among other things, it now allows multiple emergency contacts.

Eine Frau steht und hat ein Textilleiter in der Hand

Creating a broad impact: Smart textiles on the rise

Anyone who wants to create more than one prototype in the smart textile sector will find themselves faced with many challenges. ADRESYS has encountered this and is going into series production with the ANGEL shirt.

Bild einer Person an einem textilen Arbeitsplatz

Interview with Texible

ANGEL is our venture to produce innovative and intelligent textile systems. Interdisciplinary cooperation with our partners is of utmost importance. Hence, we would love to introduce Thomas Fröis and his team from Texible GmbH.