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Our brand metamorphosis: ANGEL becomes ANGEL React

ANGEL is now called ANGEL React

What happened?

⚡ Our product portfolio is growing and has earned its brand.
🐱‍🏍 ADRESYS is now our experts’ new, old employer brand.
🎉 React describes what our systems do without exception: react and get help.

🤫 Pssst… Stay tuned! Next week we will finally air our new product.

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Accident at work during the shift

Find out why health and safety equipment play an important role in shift work. We show you how you can easily avoid accidents at work.

Bild einer Person an einem textilen Arbeitsplatz

Interview with Texible

ANGEL is our venture to produce innovative and intelligent textile systems. Interdisciplinary cooperation with our partners is of utmost importance. Hence, we would love to introduce Thomas Fröis and his team from Texible GmbH.

Darstellung einer Hand mit Stromdurchfluss

The hazards of electrical accidents

Electricity has changed the world. But it may also change your world if certain safety rules are ignored. Despite many well-documented, life-threatening and often lethal electrical accidents, the danger of electricity is still underrated and belittled. Why?