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Ready for an emergency: A guide to emergency call systems and first aiders

Winter has arrived and brings with it an increased risk of accidents. Whether it’s icy roads or poorly lit paths, the cold season requires even more safety measures. In the following blog post, you can find out how to get your company safely through the winter months.

1. The dangers in winter 

The days are getting shorter, the sun makes itself scarce – the daily commute to and from work usually has to be done in the dark. Busy junctions therefore need to be better lit and construction sites also need to adapt their lighting to winter conditions. Slipping accidents are among the most common accidents at work. It is therefore important to clear paths and surfaces on company premises well and to spread salt. It is also important to think about the right equipment. This includes weather and cold protection clothing as well as safety shoes with non-slip soles. The choice of suitable protective equipment must be checked in the risk assessment. Particularly for people who work outdoors, a lot changes in the winter months. As it is not possible to work outdoors all day, warm-up phases and the opportunity to change clothes are necessary. [1]

2. Reassessment of risk in winter

Nohl’s risk matrix is a great tool for classifying the probability of accidents. In winter, this may have changed for the same activity due to changes in light and weather conditions. Therefore, go through the possible injuries and probabilities of occurrence of the lone workers in your company step by step.

3. The right emergency call system in winter

In addition to the measures already mentioned, an emergency call system is the necessary tool to be prepared in winter to ensure the rescue chain right from the start. At ADRESYS, we have developed various intelligent safety tools that accompany you during your activity and call for help if you are no longer able to do so. The ANGEL React Shirt System differs from the ANGEL React Clip System in that it also sounds the alarm in the event of an electrical accident. The following is an example of some activities relevant in winter and the appropriate ANGEL React system.

4. Ensuring the rescue chain

When installing the ANGEL React app, the first thing you will be asked to do is to enter an emergency contact. This is the person who should be the first on the scene of an emergency. First responders are key people in the rescue chain whose job it is to provide first aid before the arrival of professional emergency services.

5. Customized safety training for all employees

At ADRESYS, not much changes in terms of occupational safety in winter. The only thing that needs to be considered in any case is the increased risk of accidents on the way to work. For this reason, all employees were made aware at the joint team meeting that they should take a different route and keep their distance in traffic due to the weather conditions. In addition to up-to-date information, every employee receives a detailed safety briefing at the beginning.

Our safety confident Silke on safety training for new employees at ADRESYS: “During safety training, new employees are informed about safety-relevant documents on the intranet. For each employee, the areas for which safety training is necessary are defined according to the job description – depending on this, appropriate protective equipment such as safety shoes is also provided. A complete tour of the company is carried out each time – in particular, the escape plan in the event of an evacuation is discussed, the location of the available first aid kits, eye showers and the defibrillator is shown, and information is provided on who in the company is a first aider. The list of emergency contacts is also displayed next to the defibrillator in the company.”

6. Tips for the winter vacation season

Skiing vacations, family celebrations or simply a few days off – it’s not uncommon for many employees to be on vacation, especially in December. To get through the winter vacation period safely, it’s important to have someone on hand who can be there as quickly as possible in an emergency. To ensure this, you should always store a second emergency contact in the ANGEL React app and make sure that the active contact is actually on site. Here you can see step by step how to proceed.


[1] www.arbeitssicherheit.de


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