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ANGEL React: Occupational safety through rapid assistance

More than 100,000 occupational accidents are reported to AUVA every year in Austria, and more than eight times as many in Germany. Most of them are comparatively harmless, but a considerable number threaten health and life. Of course, everybody wants to prevent this: Industry, business and Co spare no expense or effort when it comes to occupational safety and health. Nevertheless, every year help comes too late for up to 100 people in Austria. And every one of them is one victim too many!

That is why we at ADRESYS have made it our top priority to ensure that help does not come too late. Our ANGEL React systems detect emergency situations in everyday work and immediately send an emergency call to emergency contact persons or an emergency call center. And they can help.

Our ANGEL React systems combine an electronic data processing unit (Genius) with a smartphone app that analyzes the data. In the app, you also store and change the data of your emergency contacts. Your app notifies these emergency contacts via text message and automated voice call as soon as it detects an electrical accident, motionlessness, or a fall accident. The app also sends the last known GPS data so that you can actually be found.

People who can help you quickly in an emergency, such as work colleagues, are particularly suitable as emergency contacts. We are aware that who is suitable can change with every work situation. That’s why several emergency contacts are created in the app and then set active according to the work situation.

And don’t worry, the system doesn’t automatically make an emergency call just because you haven’t moved for a moment too long. Only when you don’t respond to an audible pre-alarm (for example, by moving) do we really assume an emergency.

The ANGEL React Clip System: Work safety for everyone

The ANGEL Clip System sounds an alarm in the event of a fall accident or motionlessness. Thus, it covers the greatest dangers in everyday working life.
It is easy to use: Simply clip the business card-sized Genius (the digital data processing unit) to the waistband or belt of your work clothes. Afterwards, download the ANGEL app to your smartphone, connect both via Bluetooth© and enter your data and that of your emergency contacts.
The system is as inconspicuous as it is unobtrusive in everyday life and provides quick help in an emergency.

The ANGEL React Shirt System: especially for the electrical sector

The decisive factors for the severity of an injury in the electrical field are usually the current strength and duration of the current flow. The sooner help arrives, the better the chances of survival. The ANGEL React Shirt System therefore detects electrical accidents in addition to falling accidents and motionlessness.
It works with a Smart Textile Shirt with electrodes in the upper arm cuffs. These measure the voltage in the body. As soon as the system detects a drop in voltage, it concludes that an electrical accident has occurred and places an emergency call.

We developed ANGEL React especially for people working alone, mobile workers, people working at certain heights and also especially for electricians. Because ANGEL React brings occupational safety through rapid assistance.

Darstellung einer Hand mit Stromdurchfluss

The hazards of electrical accidents

Electricity has changed the world. But it may also change your world if certain safety rules are ignored. Despite many well-documented, life-threatening and often lethal electrical accidents, the danger of electricity is still underrated and belittled. Why?

Bild einer Person an einem textilen Arbeitsplatz

Interview with Texible

ANGEL is our venture to produce innovative and intelligent textile systems. Interdisciplinary cooperation with our partners is of utmost importance. Hence, we would love to introduce Thomas Fröis and his team from Texible GmbH.

Break the Rules…innovate! And win!

Our company sticks to it’s principles and focuses on innovation. This brings us forward and also pays off. We were able to register over 20 patents for our developments and in autumn we received two important prizes.