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ANGEL React Shirt system Multinorm Longsleeve

Gets help when you can‘t

Our emergency call solutions automatically detect accidents

Electrical accidents
Fall accidents

5 reasons in favour of the emergency call system

⌚ Quick installation and simple operation

🚨 High reliability in emergencies: Detects electrical accidents, motionlessness and fall accidents

🦺 the Multinorm Longsleeve is certified as personal protective equipment according to regulation (EU) 2016/425

📍 Possibility of improved indoor localization thanks to the Location Beacon

👷‍♂️ can reduce the severity of the accident when using the Watchdog

Intelligence through
perfect interaction

The ANGEL React Shirt system detects electrical accidents, motionlessness and fall accidents, and automatically summons assistance, making it a trusty companion throughout the working

Individual Branding

Available in different colors or in black/white.

ANGEL React Shirt Genius

Detects electrical accidents, motionlessness and fall accidents at work using sensors of the ANGEL React T-Shirt or Multinorm Longsleeve.


for secure fit

Conductive materials and electrodes

Electrodes in the cuffs of the ANGEL React Multinorm Longsleeve measure the voltage drop between the upper arms, allowing a current flow to be detected. The elastane in the cuffs ensures close skin contact with the sensors, which are connected to the Shirt Genius via a textile cable.


The Multinorm Longsleeve is certified Personal Protective Equipment according to regulation (EU) 2016/425. Both variants have antistatic properties and protect against heat and flame and thermal hazards of an electric arc according to the mentioned norms. Additionally, the High-Visibility Longsleeve helps to reduce the risk of accidents by its fluorescent and reflective properties.

Electrostatic properties
EN 1149-5:2018

Clothing to protect against heat and flame
EN ISO 11612:2015 (A1, B1, C1 und F1)

Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc
EN 61482-2:2020 APC 1

High visbility clothing (Only Multinorm Longsleeve HiVis)
EN ISO 20471:2013 (class 2)

Smartphone App

The smartphone is connected to the Shirt Genius via a Bluetooth® connection and displays live data. It can make an emergency call if necessary.

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Our products can be combined individually

Clip system

The ANGEL React Clip system combines user-friendliness with high safety at work. The Clip Genius is central to the system: it detects an emergency and instantly sets the emergency call chain in motion if needed.

Shirt system T-Shirt

The intelligent T-Shirt combines comfortable workwear with emergency call systems. It‘s available in your corporate colors and can be printed to your specifications with your company logo and slogan.

Accessoires Watchdog

The Watchdog is an add-on for the ANGEL React Shirt and Clip systems that responds to workplace accidents within milliseconds. In the event of an electrical accident, motionlessness or fall accident, it trips the integrated potential free contact and can trigger an emergency-off circuit.

Accessoires Location Beacon

The Location Beacon gives location information for areas that lack a stable GPS signal. It connects seamlessly with the Shirt and Clip Genius, allowing you to find the injured in cellars, tunnels, or buildings faster.

Tailor-made solutions

You need support in implementing the new emergency call solutions? We offer a compact selection of valuable services to simplify your daily work. Innovation lies in our DNA.