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🚀 Release 2.0: Transformation, new product & new features

The wait is over. ANGEL becomes ANGEL React, launches the Watchdog, and releases new features.

The transformation: ANGEL is now called ANGEL React and offers more options for reacting to accidents.

Our superhero: The Watchdog, the new additional product, switches off the circuit at lightning speed and minimizes the severity of accidents.


New alerting options: Besides the voice call & SMS alert, there is now an e-mail alert for emergency contacts.

Update help coordination portal: We now regularly inform your superheroes about new accidents or location data.

Update emergency contacts: We will inform your personal superheroes about their new job as soon as you activate them in the ANGEL React portal.

Refined electrical accident detection: Our algorithm is now even more innovative and detects accidents in the DC, 50-60Hz range, and now also between DC, 10-400Hz.

ANGEL React Server: Alerts are now also sent from the server.

More user-friendly app: Look out for our new help icon if you can’t find something. Our “What’s New” pop-up now keeps you updated on what’s new.

Genius Update: Reconfigure your blinking and save up to an hour more Genius battery life.

Sound update: Now, there are new sound profiles. Decide how quickly you want to be informed about a lost Bluetooth connection.

ANGEL React Portal Update: From now on, we will notify you as soon as your session has expired.

ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive

We wish you joy and security with our new features and the Watchdog!

Do you still have questions? Then contact us at or +43 59495 6900