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Improved location information for areas that lack a stable GPS signal

The Location Beacon provides precise location information for large floor spaces and can also service areas which lack GPS signal (e.g. cellars, tunnels, buildings).


Perfect match: interior location system, dead man’s switch, and app solution

🚀 Say hello to the future of occupational safety
🏢 Precise indoor positioning for rapid assistance in emergencies
📡 Reliable location data
🛠️ Simple installation: plug-and-play
🚨 Dead man’s switch and app solution in one
📆 Out now to increase the security and efficiency of your business

Our emergency call solutions automatically detect accidents

Electrical accidents
Fall accidents

ANGEL React adapts to your individual emergency call chain

Our products

Our basic products adapt flexibly to your everyday work. The clip System detects fall accidents and motionlessness and is therefore our highlight when it comes to lone working. The Shirt system also detects electrical accidents and is suitable for lone working as well. Our intelligent shirts are available in different versions. The Location Beacon provides precise location information in large areas and also covers areas without a GPS signal (e.g. basements, tunnels, buildings). The watchdog can trigger an emergency-off.

Tailor-made solutions

Imagine: In spacious, noisy factories, labyrinthine office buildings, or deep underground complexes – wherever orientation could be challenging, our indoor location system ensures immediate clarity. In the event of an accident, the Location Beacon helps to locate the injured at lightning speed. This enables an immediate response and minimizes delays.

Every building is as unique as a fingerprint, so our indoor location system requires specialized knowledge and careful planning. Please make an appointment with us to discuss your specific needs.


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