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🚀 Release 2.0: Transformation, new product & new features

The waiting is over. ANGEL becomes ANGEL React, launches Watchdog and releases new features.

What’s New?

The transformation: ANGEL is now called ANGEL React and offers more possibilities to react to accidents.

Our superhero: the Watchdog, the new add-on product, shuts down the circuit at lightning speed and minimises the severity of accidents.

New alerting options: In addition to voice call & SMS alerting, email alerting is now for your emergency contacts.

Update help coordination portal: We regularly inform your superheroes about new accidents or location data.

Update emergency contacts: We will inform your personal superhero about their new job from now on, as soon as you have activated them in the ANGEL React portal.

Refined electrical accident detection: Our algorithm is even more innovative and detects accidents in the range of DC, 50-60Hz, and now between DC, 10-400Hz.

ANGEL React Server: Alerts are also sent from the server.

More user-friendly app: Look out for our new help icon if you can’t find something. Our “What’s New” pop-up now keeps you updated on what’s new.

Genius Update: Reconfigure your flashing and save up to an hour more Genius battery life. Our “What’s New” pop-up will keep you up to date on what’s new after every new release from now on.

Genius Updates: Reconfigure your blink and save up to an hour more Genius battery life. From now on, personalize your sound profile and be warned about a lost Bluetooth signal either after 5 minutes (default) or 15 minutes (important).

ANGEL React Portal Update: From now on, we will notify you when your session has expired.

ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive

We wish you joy and security with our new features and the Watchdog!

You still have questions? Then simply contact us at or +43 59495 6900


Our promise is to make work safe. We are your partner company for workplace safety. We develop the most modern products for everyone carrying out lone work and wanting to have a guardian angel by their side. Thus, we can react quickly in case of an emergency. Besides, we developed testing equipment for electrical high- and medium-voltage installations. We take pride in refining our products yet further and accelerating the rate of innovation. We are never satisfied with the status quo; we constantly look for new solutions and improve our products.

Our products

ANGEL React Shirt System

Our ANGEL React Shirt System automatically detects motionlessness, falls and electrical accidents. It gets help when you can’t anymore.

ANGEL React Clip System

Unser ANGEL React Clip System erkennt Regungslosigkeit und Stürze. Es holt Hilfe, wenn du es nicht mehr kannst.


The Watchdog reacts lightning fast to power accidents and
switches off the circuit.

Smart Textile

Smart Textiles as an area of innovation.

Das Messgerät Compano
Product development

At the innovation site in Salzburg, Adresys develops solutions for our parent company Omicron electrics GmbH.