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Shirt System

An emergency system for (lone) workers that can detect an electrical accident

  • gets help when you can’t do it anymore
  • makes lone work safer
  • responds to electrical accidents, motionlessness, and fall accidents

A smart helper in all situations:

The ANGEL React Shirt System becomes active when a life is in danger in everyday work. It reliably detects medical emergencies in case of electrical accidents, motionlessness and fall accidents and places an emergency call. The last known GPS position as well as accident data are automatically sent via message to the individual emergency call chain.

Intelligence through
perfect interaction

An unbeatable trio offers many advantages

The three components are a clever Shirt Genius on a Smart Textile Solutions T-Shirt and an intuitive app on the smartphone.

Central control unit – the Shirt Genius

The Shirt Genius is the brain of the system. It is clicked into the Cradle (the holder) on the shirt and communicates with the user through optical and acoustic signals. In addition, the Shirt Genius detects voltage drops on the body, recognizes fall accidents and immobility, and notifies the emergency center using the smartphone app connected via Bluetooth® technology (see bottom left).

  • Powerful processor for detection of emergency events
  • Battery life 1 workday
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect optical integration into the shirt design
  • Strong magnets for secure hold on the upper arm
Fitting holder – the Shirt Cradle

The Shirt Cradle serves as an attractive holder for the Shirt Genius. Thanks to the flexible shape, it fits perfectly to the upper arm. So you hardly notice the electronics.

Conductive materials and electrodes

The conductive textile cable connects the sensors on the upper arms with the Shirt Genius. Electrodes are used to measure the voltage drop between the upper arms and thus infer the current. Spandex in the cuff ensures perfect skin contact. This is why a perfect fit on the upper arms is also so important – only then can the ANGEL Shirt System function reliably.

Individual branding

Uniform appearance is guaranteed: The T-Shirt is available with your company-specific branding.

High wearing comfort

The smart textile solutions T-Shirt is made of organic cotton, skin-friendly, durable, easy to clean and with pleasant wearing comfort thanks to the loose-fit cut. Optical decorative seams provide a sporty look.

Watchdog and Location Beacon

The Watchdog can trigger an emergency-off circuit. The Location Beacon gives location information for areas that lack a stable GPS signal.

Auxiliary coordination portal

If you have an emergency, your emergency contacts will receive a link to the aid coordination portal via SMS and e-mail. There they will see:

  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen (including a link to Google Navigation)?
  • How can I help?
Smartphone App

The smartphone is connected to the Shirt Genius via a Bluetooth® connection and displays live data. It can place an emergency call if needed.

How does the emergency call chain work?

In emergencies, users are often no longer able to react themselves or react correctly. ANGEL React provides fast help thanks to the sophisticated automated emergency call chain.

The user enters their data and the data of their emergency contacts in the ANGEL React portal during registration.  The personal emergency chain is activated in an emergency, such as automatic accident detection, a manual alarm or an expired task timer. The emergency contacts are informed via SMS, e-mail and an automated voice call and can thus provide rapid assistance.  The person’s location in the accident is transmitted via SMS and e-mail. An emergency call centre can also be booked if the person works mainly alone. The emergency call centre provides rapid assistance if the emergency contacts cannot help.


Switches the circuit inactive in the event of an electrical accident.

The new, lightning-fast family member of ANGEL React reacts with the shirt system to voltage incidents, no motion and fall. Imagine your colleague is repairing a coffee machine in the e-lab. A voltage incident occurs. The Shirt System detects the dangerous voltage in the body, and the watchdog switches the circuit off.

Power source with shutdown functionality

Regular tests in power engineering are essential to ensure a safe power supply. Dangerous voltages are emitted from test equipment during measurement tests. A person working with this equipment often works alone and under high risk. The Watchdog is connected to the safety interface of the test equipment. If an accident occurs, the Watchdog reacts at lightning speed and switches off the test instrument. The emergency chain is triggered immediately.

WORK 4.0

It ensures more work safety in stationary and non-stationary operations when working in low- and high-voltage ranges.

Electrical accidents, falling accidents and motionlessness

The ANGEL React Shirt System detects voltage incidents, falls and no motion and notifies emergency contacts.

Acoustic emergency alarm

In an emergency, the Watchdog informs the surroundings via an acoustic signal. Also the Genius sends optical and acustical signals.

Power supply via USB-C connection

The Watchdog is charged with a power supply unit or battery via USB-C mobile or stationary.

Minimises the severity of accidents

The watchdog switches off after only a few milliseconds. This minimises the severity of the accident. It reacts faster than a human could ever do.

Works with the ANGEL React Shirt System

The watchdog connects to the shirt system via Bluetooth®. The Watchdog switches off the circuit if the ANGEL React Shirt System detects a voltage incident.

Switches off within milliseconds

This can prevent the consequences of accidents such as cardiovascular failure or burns.

Not just for one employee

Up to five colleagues can be connected to a Watchdog simultaneously.

What our customers say

With the Angel React Clip System, our employees can do their work more safely and flexibly. The clip system does not interfere with their work and we have no unnecessary false alarms, with the added benefit of sufficient location accuracy.

Erwin Gößler, MM Frohnleiten GmbH

Perfect for lone working and the safety of our employees. The Angel React is barely noticeable to the wearer. The partnership with the Haberkorn online store is a particular advantage for us. We are satisfied and have also passed on the recommendation to other locations.

Angelina Koenig, AT&S

The ANGEL React Clip System is a super addition to occupational safety. Our trainers have been able to test the system over the past few months, and the feedback has been excellent! Simple, robust and flexible! An interesting solution for many industries where employees are not constantly working under supervision.

Rene Hynek, Safety Certification GmbH

The ANGEL React systems are cost-effective, smart solutions that also function very reliably and therefore make everyday work safer.

Felix Simm, Post Schweiz

A good and simple solution. There are always situations in companies where employees work alone.

Patrick Bucher, Atomic

Are you curious about the ANGEL React Shirt System?

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