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ANGEL – Smart Safety Assistant

  • Providing immediate help in emergencies

    In the event of falls, loss of consciousness, and electric shocks, the ANGEL systems can reliably detect medical emergencies and make an emergency call to enable that help arrives quickly. The last known GPS location and accident data are passed onto emergency personnel. They could be in-house first-aiders or an external emergency call center.

  • The perfect companion for carrying out dangerous work alone

    Even when working alone is permitted, it’s probably a good idea for someone else to be there. The ANGEL system identifies emergencies and calls for help. In the event of an incident, ANGEL provides help and therefore increases the safety of those who work alone.

  • Increasing occupational safety awareness through statistics

    Every emergency is detected. You receive regular reports and evaluations from your team, enabling you to analyze and rectify the causes of small accidents to avoid serious ones. This process ensures that your employees become more aware of their safety in their everyday working environment – reducing possible downtimes. You learn what is “normal” in your sector and what is not. You can learn from others, and others can learn from you.

  • Saving lives by switching off electrical sources

    In the event of an electric shock, every millisecond counts to avoid permanent or life-threatening injuries. The ANGEL Watchdog (expected to be available from 2023) can be installed to increase safety in a wide variety of situations, in which it disconnects the electric circuit within milliseconds in the event of an electric shock (in combination with an ANGEL Shirt system). The quicker the current flow is disconnected, the less severe the injuries and the lower the risk of ventricular fibrillation or blood poisoning.

ANGEL – when smart electronics and comfortable textiles merge. ANGEL is the intelligent workwear for emergencies in the electrical sector. The electronics recognize an electrical accident or a fall via integrated electrodes and can automatically activate the individual rescue chain. In addition, the manual alarm can be started for further emergency situations. When working with an increased risk, the task timer can be activated to ensure rapid assistance.

Intelligence through
perfect synergy

An unbeatable duo for uncomplicated occupational safety
The ANGEL Clip system combines simple applications with a high level of work safety. The Clip Genius, as the central element of the system, recognizes emergencies and, if necessary, activates the emergency call chain immediately.

Central control unit – the Clip Genius

The Clip Genius is the brains of the system. It clicks into the clip and communicates with the user using optical and acoustic signals. The Clip Genius detects motionlessness and fall accidents. In an emergency, it notifies the previously defined emergency contacts and/or the emergency call center via the connected smartphone app.

  • Powerful processor for detecting emergencies
  • Acoustic and optical signals
  • Battery life 1 working day
  • Light and compact
  • Powerful magnets provide a secure grip
A suitable holder – the clip

The clip serves as a holder for the Genius and is made of flexible material. Thanks to its curved shape, it can be easily attached to waistbands, trouser pockets, belts, etc.

Smartphone App

Your smartphone is connected to the Genius via Bluetooth® technology and displays live data. If necessary, it can make an emergency call.

How does the emergency call chain work?

Users are often unable to respond appropriately or unaided in an emergency situation. Thanks to its sophisticated and automatic emergency chain, ANGEL ensures help is on hand quickly.

The user stores her/his personal data and the data of her/his emergency contacts in the ANGEL portal during registration. In the event of an emergency, such as automatic accident detection, a manual alarm, or an expired task timer, the personal rescue chain is activated. The emergency contacts are informed via SMS and an automatic voice call and can thus ensure rapid assistance. The location of the person involved in the accident is sent via SMS.

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